Trout Unlimited Veterans Service Partnership


Who we are

Throughout its history, our nation has been blessed with an extraordinary band of men and women who have sacrificed so much for the people of our nation. Regardless of the situation, regardless of the danger, these brave individuals have answered the call to protect our liberties and freedoms. TU is appreciative of their sacrifices and in ever-growing number, our members are stepping up to provide healing, rehabilitation, hope and community to those who have experienced the traumas of war.

The Veterans Service Partnership is a nationwide effort initiated by TU in 2011 to bring the healing power of the water to those who have served our nation so boldly. As we engage our 400 chapters and 300,000 members and supporters in this good work, we are seeing miracles, large and small, on a regular and increasing basis.

What we do

The TU VSP is a network of 150,000+ members that operate out of over 400 chapters across the country. Each TU chapter is a ready-made community of passionate conservationists and anglers. Each participant in the VSP program receives a complimentary membership to TU and is automatically assigned to a TU chapter. For many served by TU's VSP, they are quickly integrated into their chapter community which becomes a safe haven where veterans can serve and be served in return. The chapter is a place where friends are made; where someone comes to learn fly tying and then returns to teach it; and it's a place where a passion is born and a commitment to protect the resource is fostered. At the national level and locally through our chapters, we partner with numerous organizations to leverage our resources and increase our impact, including Project Healing Waters, Warriors and Quiet Waters, Rivers of Recovery, the R4 Alliance, Embrace-A-Vet, Sun Valley Higher Ground, and Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (T.A.P.S.)  

What you can do

Are you a veteran, looking to find a local TU Veterans Services Partnership program? Use our chapter search tool to find your local chapter and reach out to Dave Kumlien [406.570.0023 |] We want to connect you to our great network of anglers and conservationists across this country. 

Are you looking to volunteer for a local TU Veterans Services Partnership program? Similarly, please use our chapter search tool to find your local chapter. With over 150 chapters with active programs as of 2016, there is a good chance there is something going on near to you. 

If your local chapter doesn’t have a veterans program, contact us for information on how to start a VSP program locally. Every community, regardless of size, has a population of veterans that can benefit from our approach. If this sounds like something that you might have a passion for, it’s as simple as reading our VSP Chapter Program Guide, visiting the TU VSP resources webpage, or contacting our Veterans Service Partnership staff:  Dave Kumlien [406.570.0023 |]    

Our program sponsors

Without initial support of the TELOS Corporation, and the ongoing funding that they have provided, our veterans program would not have gotten off the ground. And without the ongoing support of CACI and the Goyanes Family Foundation to increase our capacity, we would not be at our present place with nearly a fourth of our 400 chapters participating in the VSP. Without them, and too many others to name, our program would not exist. Sponsorship opportunities are always available, from underwriting a specific nationally-led veterans trip to the donation of gear to support our TU chapter programs and everything in between. If you or your company is interested in donating to Trout Unlimited's Veterans Services Partnership Program, please contact Dave Kumlien at 406.570.0023 or


The future

The Department of Defense has estimated that in the coming year or two, over 1 million of our service members will be transitioning from the military to civilian life. Many of these brave souls will have suffered from their time in the service and can benefit from the programs and community that TU chapters offer. From the therapy we can provide through fly tying and rod building—therapies that improve fine motor skills, concentration and coordination—to the healing aspects of standing in a cold, clear trout stream and experiencing the soothing power of nature to the community support provided by local to chapter -- we can offer support. 



Dave Kumlien,TU’s Veterans Service Partnership Coordinator
406.570.0023 |    

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